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I am using a Werner MT-13 Multi-Purpose ladder in this video, if you're interested in getting THE BEST telescopic, multiposition ladder on the market, click. As noted, the IKO Cambridge Cool Colors shingles are the only shingle from either IKO or Atlas with an SRI rating that could be considered energy efficient. And the Cool Colors shingles do meet California Title 24 requirements, and the minimum SRI of 20 rating for the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) IKO bitumen dakshingles zijn het ideale dakbedekkeingsmateriaal voor zowel nieuwe gebouwen als renovatieprojecten. Ongeacht de stijl die je verkiest, garandeert IKO een uitgebreid aanbod van dakshingles en accessoires die aan je noden zullen voldoen.. Zowel onafhankelijke Europese en interne IKO laboratoria hebben de kwaliteit van onze producten telkens opnieuw bevestigd, mede dankzij de >60. IKO assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear on this website. IKO strives to accurately reproduce the screen images of the shingle swatches and house photos shown. However, due to manufacturing variances, the limitations of your monitor resolution and the variation in natural exterior lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see

Well, this is an everyday concern whenever the installation process for IKO shingles is improper. As compared to other roofing options, IKO shingles require adequate ventilation. This helps to limit the amount of heat entering into the building. IKO shingles come in two common types, which are the IKO Cambridge and the IKO Dynasty options Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° is the ideal roof solution for many projects. This shingle has it all: an exclusive architectural look and feel, an impressive minimum slope, resistance to high wind and heavy rain. Discover more advantages of the exceptional Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° roof shingles IKO Cambridge architectural shingles use straight, not angled, cuts. Their dimensional profile, deep shadow bands and staggered dragon's teeth create the appearance of natural wood shakes for a high-end designer look at an affordable cost. IKO Cambridge shingles enhance any home's style, from traditional to modern, rustic to urban

Concurrentietest: IKO shingles vs. geteste shingles concurrentie - deel 1. Lees het artikel hier. Hoe worden dakshingles gemaakt? Coronavirus / Covid-19. Uitgebreide dakexpertise? - Download deze gids. Waarom de meest innovatieve dakshingle? #IKOPushingLimits. Ontdek hier #IKOPushingLimits momenten IKO Cambridge shingles color selection *Compare to GAF Timberline, CertainTeed Landmark Premium, Owens Corning Duration, Malarkey Legacy and Tamko Heritage (PDF). Performance Series: Cambridge IR (6 colors), Dynasty (11 colors), and Nordic (9 colors; class 4 impact resistance product rating.) include ArmourZone that strengthens the nailing zone against rips

I just had a new IKO roof put on my house using the Cambridge Architectural Shingles in the pretty grey-blue color. They make my home look sharp. I chose them because my roofer said they're the best for wind, and I live in one of the Windiest Cities in America! Thank you for the beautiful shingles and I hope they last for years For the Cambridge shingle nails must be applied into the nailing zone. When properly placed, the nail will actually catch the top edge of the shingle below it. When the nails are located too high on the shingle, they never catch the shingle below. With this application mistake shingles are less wind resistant and easily can blow off from the roof How to apply IKO roof shingles in a correct manner? This tutorial shows the roofer the different steps:- installation of underlayment,- application of valley.. IKO roof shingles are the ideal roofing material for new buildings and renovation projects. Irrespective of the style you prefer, IKO is guaranteed to have an extensive range of roof shingles and accessories available to meet your needs.. Both independent European and internal IKO laboratories have confirmed the quality of our products time and time again and through >60 years of experience

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Cambridge laminated architectural roofing shingles are IKO's most popular among homeowners and roofing contractors. Available in a wide array of stunning, color blends, their high profile and dimensional thickness will enhance the roofscape of any style of home IKO is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of residential shingles, commercial roofing & water proofing products, insulation systems and accessories

Defective inferior shingle Defective Shingles and Terrible customer service. I paid for a new roof to be installed January of 2016. My Roofer recommend Iko Shingles. The roofer, who has been fantastic, installed the Iko Cambridge Shingles and the roofer/installer for the last three years has come out to do repair after repair after repair Hieronder treft u de actuele wijzigingen rondom de IKO shingles. UPDATE 05-10-2020 Vanaf week 41 zal de overgangsfase voor de volgende items starten. Conversietabellen treft u onderaan deze pagina, opgemaakt in PDF en Excel. Nieuw toegevoegd: 70000031 Superglass 31 Slate . Huidig Art.n Full range of IKO Cambridge roofing shingles. Check out our Cambridge shingle colors and estimation and call us on 888-265-7647 for more info

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Cambridge Cool Colors - Available in three colors, the Cambridge Cool Colors shingles are IKO's more environmentally friendly option. While these shingles are only available in certain parts of the country, such as California, they feature an SRI of 20+ which protects your home from the harshest temperatures IKO Cambridge architectural laminate shingles in IKO's special Advantage size. Their exposure is bigger than most in their class, to go down fast and easy. And with full coverage, the job costs associated with extra bundles and the labour to install them are lowered, too IKO shingles such as the Dynasty, Armourshake, Cambridge HD, Cambridge, Crowne Slate, Cambridge IR, RoofShake HW, and Royal Estate shingles fall under the Limited Lifetime warranty.For any non-single family residential home, the limited lifetime warranty period is up to 40 years. Further, IKO mandates that some of the shingles must be installed with specific IKO roofing components in order to.

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Iko cambridge dakshingle IKO Cambridge Dakshingle. Deze hoogwaardige shingle is een ve (€ 22,51 incl. BTW) Iko diamant shingle IKO Diamant Dakshingle is in een zeer aparte vorm. Deze Shing... adviesprijs: € 17,25 (€ 20,87 incl. BTW) Iko superglass 3 tabb div kleuren IKO Superglass is de meest verkochte. IKO CAmbridge Shingles. Dual Black. Dual Grey. Weatherwood. Harvard Slate. Charcoal Grey. Beachwood. Driftwood. Dual Brown. Dove White. Aged Redwood. Earthtone Cedar. We put our customers first, always. We're focused on making this the best experience you've ever had with a roofing company. OFFICE HOURS

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  1. d when you replace your roof: choose a top-notch complete roofing system and carefully select your roofing contractor. Classic, long-term style to suit any home's architectural style
  2. IKO Cambridge Turn your Roof Replacement Into A Curb Appeal Opportunity: Add Architectural Accent to Any House With Cambridge Roofing Shingles. Cambridge Cool Curb appeal, now in cool colors. Dynasty Extreme good looks. Make your home the envy of your neighborhood. Royal Estate Heavy weight shingles with a a high-end look Crowne Slate Premium Roofing IKO Read More
  3. For homeowners who want extra durability and protection, select IKO`s Cambridge premium architectural shingles. Cambridge combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition shake look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home
  4. IKO designer roof shingles cost around $4 to $6 per square foot installed, or $8,000 to $12,000 for a 2,000 square foot roof. If removing and disposing of old roofing shingles is not included in the price, this might cost an additional $1 to $4 per square foot

Our home was a new build with IKO Cambridge shingles. Roof was installed in August, the following April we had strong winds an 10% of the roof ended up across our street. Insurance replaced/repaired the damage against the roofing companies advice to replace the 8 month old roof IKO shingles are junk We had IKO Cambridge 30 year shingles installed in 2004, less than 15 years later they lost most of the aggregate and were actually falling off the roof. Filed a claim and found out the only thing that crappier than IKO shingles is their customer service, numerous letters, emails, pictures and phone calls proved to do very little Cambridge roof from IKO I just purchased IKO's Cambridge roofing shingle and was impressed with heavy weight and the color offering of this product. I had research other products similar in appearance but they did not seem the same quality. I am very satisfied with my Dual Black Cambridge roof

ALU-Rollfirst Basic- Spinvlies; ALU-Rollfirst Premium - ALU; GreenFast GRID - Loodvervange This class action lawsuit claims that IKO Cambridge AR roof shingles are defective and prone to premature blistering, tearing, cracking, delamination, granule loss, degradation, and loss of adhesion at the seal strip between adjacent shingles

The shingles are made of a stable, non-woven fibreglass mat soaked in a waterproof bitume Each bundle of IKO Cambridge is 32.3 sq ft or 3 sq. metres. Answered by: IKO Roofing. Date published: 2019-10-15 Cambridge Roofing Shingles - 33 sq. ft. - Weatherwood Questions - page 2;. This settlement resolves a long, hard-fought combined class action against a number of IKO companies who manufactured or sold certain organic asphalt roofing shingles primarily between 1978 and 2008. The plaintiffs claimed that the shingles were defective and tended to crack, curl, blister, fishmouth, claw, discolor, break, or otherwise not perform according to reasonable expectations IKO Cambridge is our recommended shingle based on experience with all the major shingles on the market. They install nice and flat, are durable, look good, have a high wind resistance, and have an industry leading warranty package. For homeowners who want extra durability and protection, select IKO`s Cambridge premium architectural shingles IKO roof shingles are known to roofers in the United States and Canada as an effective, quick-to-install brand of architectural asphalt roofing. The Cambridge line comes in muted natural colors, and can be upgraded to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Installation is a simple process

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  1. IKO's PRO4 Roofing System is setting the standard in protecting your home. IKO's Shingles Crowne Slate, Armourshake, Royal Estate, Cambridge IR, Cambridge HD and Marathon shingles are created using the industry's most advanced technology and selected by consumers who demand the best in terms of quality, durability and value
  2. Park west condosIKO CAMBRIDGE DUEL BLACK1 FULL BUNDLECorrect nailing pattern for high wind area
  3. CAMBRIDGE Colo r Fea tured : Har va r d Slate LIMITED LIFETIME ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES Cambridge AR Super White shingles meet ENERGY STAR® requirements in the US. Cambridge 130 mph (210 km/h)1,2 1 2 See Limited Warranty for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and application requirements. High Wind Application is required

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Mar 16, 2020 - Explore IKO Roofing's board IKO Cambridge, followed by 407 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about residential roofing shingles, residential roofing, roof shingles Architectural shingles, including Cambridge and Cambridge AR; Traditional 3-tab shingles, including Marathon 25 AR and Marathon Ultra AR; Tools and accessories that installers need to finish the job correctly. The IKO website includes helpful information, such as application manuals and in-depth product guides IKO Cambridge shingles are engineered to withstand the elements for years, making them one of the most durable shingles you can buy. Thanks to IKO's exclusive, advanced color blending technology, IKO Cambridge architectural roofing shingles are available in a full range of color blends (including Cool Colors for select markets). This is just. My Cambridge style shingles were installed in 2008 and are now blowing off (in Nova Scotia). I noticed in the blown off shingles that the installer did not follow the white line of nail placement. Thus the nails missed the common bond part of the shingle and I suspect makes them more vulnerable to the wind

Actual lifetime of shingle: 30-35 years; IKO- Cambridge AR. 50 year limited lifetime warranty/15 years non-prorated; 110 mph wind warranty; 240 lbs per 100sqft; Actual lifetime of shingle: 20. The color selection on CertaintTeed's 30-year shingle is larger than any other manufacturer's offerings. The other roofing brand offers approximately 15 different color gradients in its 30-year shingle. Both CertainTeed and IKO make a good product IKO is an innovator in the roofing industry and has made amazing technological breakthroughs like computer-aided color design and special granules that help prevent UV damage. IKO has many different styles of shingles. The Premium Designer shingles are typically the most expensive but offer great protection with added visual charm Jun 11, 2015 - Roof inspiration from IKO. See more ideas about roof shingles, shingling, roof

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This premium heavyweight laminated shingle is composed of a dimensionally stable non-woven glass fiber mat, which is thoroughly impregnated with stabilized waterproofing bitumen. Cambridge® IR is distinguished by its random shake-look design, unique dual band shadow coloration, and superior thermally activated shingle sealant. Colored, ceramic granules surface the tops of both layers of this. IKO cambridge shingles review from IKO pro I have a roofing company in Raleigh, NC. Raleigh-roofers.com is my website. I have installed just the IKO CAMBRIDGE shingles and the IKO Dynasty shingles on more than 40,000 roofs. I have never had one complaint. Seriously Best Shingle according to consumer Reports. Consumer Reports Determined the Best Roof Shingles. In a series of Consumer Reports tests designed to ascertain the best asphalt roof shingles, they discovered that the leading shingles outperformed the others by more than 50% in efficacy This video is designed to show the benefit of IKO's True Square shingle coverage over competitor shingles.We had two roofers install shingles on identical.

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  1. IKO Industries Ltd: Cambridge Architectural Shingle. IKO's Cambridge premium architectural shingles combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition ''shake'' look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in myriad of colors that can suit any home
  2. IKO Cambridge shingles are engineered to withstand the elements for years, making them one of the most durable shingles you can buy. Thanks to our exclusive, advanced color blending technology, IKO Cambridge architectural roofing shingles are available in a full range of color blends (including Cool Color
  3. IKO North America | 22,733 followers on LinkedIn. We're Not Just Roofing. We're Roofing Elevated. | IKO Roofing is a world-wide leader in the roofing, waterproofing, and insulation industry for residential and commercial markets. A vertically integrated company, IKO operates more than 30 manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe
  4. IKO Cambridge shingles Color is Charcoal Grey. Capital City Roofing And Construction. 224 views · March 26, 2020. 1:09. Capital City Roofing And Construction. 98 views · January 11, 2020. 1:05. This roof turned out great, very cool color! Shingles: IKO Color: Patriot Slate
  5. Architectural shingles, including Cambridge and Cambridge AR Traditional 3-tab shingles, including Marathon 25 AR and Marathon Ultra AR. Tools and accessories that installers need to finish the job correctly. The IKO website includes helpful information, such as application manuals and in-depth product guides

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Mar 16, 2020 - The most breathtaking IKO roofs across North America. It's not roofing. It's #RoofingElevated. See more ideas about roofing, roof shingles, shingle colors Cambridge IKO Cambridge shingles are another standard type for our installers. They are consistent with being one of the top performers in their class. The IKO Cambridge shingle is a mid to mid-high grade shingle that is perfect for standard installations. They are readily available and available in a wide variety of colors

Cambridge Cool Colors, Cambridge and RoofShake HW Shingles Warranty Period IKO Iron Clad Protection Period Reduction Figure for months 181-206 Reduction Figure for months 207-480 Reduction Figure for months 481+ Limited Lifetime1 180 n/260 384/480 432/48 Looking for this video in French? Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfB_N1RGeAALooking for this video in Spanish? Click Here: https://www.youtube.c..

Who do you call if you want to install IKO Cambridge AR Shingles for your roofing needs? Contact our roofing contractors at Clear View Exteriors LLC and we can provide you a free estimate Cambridge Architectural Roofing Shingles - Laminated Roof Shingles - IKO The Cambridge Architectural Roofing Shingles will turn your Roof Replacement Into A Curb Appeal Opportunity: Add Architectural Accent to Any House With

Cambridge Premium is an easy way to enhance your home's design and curb appeal with a product profile that mimics wood. This shingle creates a high-end look for your home at a low cost. IKO roofing products are used on many commercial and residential roofing applications, for new as well as for reroofing Choose IKO Cambridge Shingles for Your New Roof. And Rest Easy. Peace of mind comes from knowing that these quality architectural roofing shingles are doing exactly what we engineered them to do — stand guard as your home's first line of defense against Mother Nature's fury and look fantastic doing it. IKO Cambridge delivers on ALU-Rollfirst Basic- Spinvlies; ALU-Rollfirst Premium - ALU; GreenFast GRID - Loodvervanger; Leadax Loodvervange

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Cambridge IKO Limited Lifetime Architectural Shingles 33 square feet of coverage per bundle Quality features are built into every Cambridge shingle: - Printed nail line guides make installation easier and more accurate - Embedded colorfast Algae Resistant granules to inhibit algae and discoloration - IKO Fastlock sealant along bottom edges to help seal and prevent blow-off Opinion on IKO Cambridge shingles. Currently getting estimates for a roof replacement and am baffled by the variety of shingles. Hopefully I can get some expert advice So far I've had the following estimates. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration - $12,869. GAF Timberline LT HD - $10,350

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Cambridge 33.3-sq ft Driftwood Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles Cambridge is IKO's most popular shingle among contractors and homeowners alike. Its dimensional profile and deep shadow bands creates an appearance of natural wood shakes to create a high-end designer look at an affordable cost The roofing shingles in IKO's Architectural Collection provide superior weather protection and boost curb appeal for homes throughout the United States and Canada as well as many export markets. Available in a full range of colors and in Cool Colors for select markets, IKO Cambridge shingles remain among our most popular GAF and IKO are two leaders in the manufacture and supply of roofing shingles. Comparing GAF and IKO asphalt roofing shingles will give you a number of excellent options when the time comes to repair or replace an existing roof or when selecting the design and materials for a roof on a new home Bestel IKO Shingles 3m² Zwart 3-tab Number One bij Azalp.nl (sinds 1998): profiteer van de gedaalde prijzen

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IKO and the Plaintiff (on behalf of the Class) have agreed to settle the Canadian class action relating to alleged defects in IKO Organic Shingles. As part of the settlement, IKO paid $7.5 million for the benefit of Class Members. The settlement represents a voluntary resolution of claims. IKO does not admit any wrongdoing or liability Find here Iko Cambridge Shingles, Iko Roofing Shingles wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Iko Cambridge Shingles, Iko Roofing Shingles, Iko cambridge Roofing Shingles across India Cambridge laminated architectural shingles are IKO's most popular and affordable product among homeowners and roofing contractors.. They are available with a choice of stunning color blends. Also, their high profile and dimensional thickness enhances the roofscape of any style of home

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IKO opened it's first shingle plant in 1959 in Brampton, Ontario an Eastern part of Canada. They are truly a global company shipping to at least 94 countries worldwide. Vertically Integrated Manufacturing: Unlike some of their main competitors IKO believes in controlling personally the raw products that go into their shingles Feb 10, 2013 - IKO Shingles, IKO Cambridge Shingles | General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) www.grscanadainc.com 1+877.497.3528 | IKO Shingles Calgary, Red Deer. IKO Cambridge Harvard Slate Shingles. August 2020. American shingle materials in Harvard Slate Premium laminated asphalt shingle. Best Roof Shingles Slate Shingles Asphalt Roof Shingles Slate Roof Roofing Shingles Roof Shingle Colors Roof Colors Roofing Options Roofing Systems

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